Dip. Hyp. GHR GHSC

With a technology and management background, spanning two decades, Ian understands the pressures of modern life and how it can affect peoples mental health and wellbeing. 


A chance meeting convinced Ian of the unique and powerful effects of Hypnotherapy as a tool to coach, encourage and effect positive change. He studied hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, training with the renowned Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

Sometime later HYPNO4 was born.

Ian is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register and holds a current DBS certificate.

Outside of work, Ian loves nothing more than being in the great outdoors and spending time with his family.
He is a climber and mountaineer with a steadfast belief that being cold and wet builds character.
His family try to avoid him.

General Hypnotherapy Register

Ian 07999 694425

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